Saturday, 1 September 2012

Pack Your Shorts, Sun Shades and a Camera for the Warm Winter!

Warm coats and heaters are never an option in Belize.  In fact, all you need in this sub-tropical paradise is a pair of shorts, t-shirts, a pair of sandals, sun shades, sun block and a cold beer.  Belize is the place where coconut palms and white sand beaches were born: where mother nature smiles happily after seeing her glorious creation of exquisite oceans, barrier reefs, atolls and rich rainforest. Belize is the place where the great Maya Civilization built their magnificent pyramids and where the Clovis Culture roamed more than 12,000 years ago according to archeologists.

Not far from the equator, the Caribbean jewel enjoys summer year round. As the t-shirt reads, “No Shirt – no problem; no shoes - no problem,” is quite fitting.  Belize is the place where the human spirit reaches new dimensions. This is the place where the concept of love and romance were invented. With only 320 000 souls wandering this 8 800 square miles of tropical wonders, everyone can find their personal piece of paradise.  A multitude of colorful birds call Belize their home and schools of whale sharks travel half way around the world to feed here.  Noah’s Ark must have landed in Belize after the great flood explaining the great diversity in wildlife. Here, flowering flora pushes new frontiers in botanical evolution. A splash of Central American, a splash of the Caribbean, and a sprinkle of neither, the flavors of Belize is elusive and yet lures cultures from every corner of the world to call their home.

Warm winters are a promise in sub-tropical Belize. Flat fishing, dipping into a jungle waterfall pool, snorkeling or diving, BBQ on a private island, exploring mysterious temples and caves, zip-lining across dense rainforest canopies or just   Sipping a glass of wine on a secluded beach are best during Belizean winters. Choose your adventure.  There are enough adventures to fill an entire month’s itinerary.  No need to quiver in the cold of the north or stay indoors when you can be having fun in the sun of the south. Belize welcomes you.

Sunday, 29 July 2012

Belize: Costa Maya Festivities on La Isla Bonita

Mark your Calendars on August 2, 2012 for a Week of Costa Maya Festivities on La Isla Bonita

Belize’s number one tourist destination explodes with an exuberance of culture, dances, music, food and concerts with a number of local and international artists on August 2 for the grand opening of the San Pedro International Costa Maya Festival.

A regional pageantry of beauty ambassadors from Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Panama, Costa Rica and Mexico mark the grand opening of this year’s 21st anniversary. Miss Belize along with the Central American beauties and Miss Mexico vie for the coveted title of “La Reina De La Costa Maya” which translates into “Queen of the Mundo Maya.”  Like any other great festival, so too has this festival evolved from a local event to massive national and even international event for salt, sea, and cultural “fiestarama.”  Besides the festival’s first day’s pageantry morphing into an international pageant with full representation from Central America and Mexico, even the name has since changed from Sea and Air Festival to its present name. Mind you, even today many still refer to one of San Pedro’s oldest celebrations as such!

La Isla Bonita’s Costa Maya International Festival is a four day event packed with exciting and fun filled activities. The second day is Gala Night with full entertainment by Soca artist, from Saint Vincent & the Grenadines, Kevin Lyttle and Belize’s very own Berne Vasquez. Government Officials, ambassadors and other dignitaries are always in attendance for this cultural extravaganza.

Saturday night is Noche International (International Night) and for good reasons. Perhaps this third night is the climaxes of the festivities as local and international artist take center stage for an explosion of music and entertainment. A collage of diverse cultures and ethnicities, of rich and poor, locals and visitors, of mainland and local islanders come together to celebrate and appreciate the many expressions of cultural multiplicities in food, music and folklore dances. All this on one island. It’s not just any island, its “Temptation Island.” The salty sea breeze carries the acoustic tunes of reggae, punta, steel pan, salsa, marimba and Mariachi music across the island paradise. Your hair is down; you are enjoying a cold Belikin beer, good company and the international entertainment. This is island life in “La Isla Bonita.”

As the iconic festival approaches closure, the fourth and final day ends with a final leg of cultural performances showcasing the very best of the participating countries. Featuring this summer is Ballet Camara De QROO from Mexico.

While on the beach, it is party time – sail race, beach volleyball, greasy pole and party with the DJ’s in island style! See the reef from the beach. Feel the sand between your toes. This is San Pedro. No shirt, no problem. No shoes, no problem!

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Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Any unlucky anglers who haven’t been to Belize? Here is some bait to hook you….

Belize-is where you go catching not just fishing.  This small, yet so big blue Caribbean jewel, is synonymous with exceptional fishing.  Belize has long been recognized as a world-class angling destination, and fishermen from all parts of the world come for great sports fishing.

What makes Belize so appealing is the vast diversity of fishing grounds, of fish species, different types of fishing and the sheer natural beauty of the unique landscape where these grounds are found.  In addition to the endless numbers of cayes, deep blue water and turtle-grass flats, Belize boosts an abundance of rivers, lagoons, and freshwater lakes adding to the proliferation of fishing grounds.
Blogger- Megan Wood Fishing in Belize-

Make no mistake; Belize is no ordinary fishing spot.  Belize is home to the “Big Three,” where fly fishing enthusiasts have a chance at the revered Grand Slam – a bonefish, tarpon and permit in one day!

Prized for its incredible strength and speed, bonefish may average between 2 – 5 pounds and are caught on Belize’s flats throughout the year. The virgin waters around Placencia offer a fertile ground to sight and catch this top game fish.

Belize offers good fly fishing for tarpons. In fact, a couple hundred square miles of tarpon flats is featured throughout Belize. Tarpons are perhaps some of the strongest, largest (up to a whopping 200 pounds) and most acrobatic fish in saltwater. The best tarpon fishing months are from November through April or May.  Tarpon Caye lies offshore of Placencia.

Belize’s southern waters are not only known for tarpon and bonefish, but also the amazing number of permit that inhabit the long chain of cayes and flats. Also known as “Silver King
Outside of Belize’s magnificent barrier reef, dozens of other species are found in the deep blue sea including wahoo, dolphin fish (also known as dorado or maui-maui), grouper, barracuda, jack crevalle, yellowtail and mutton snapper. The three Atolls – Turneffe Islands, Lighthouse Reef and Glover’s Reef offer good chances of catching the great Blue Marlin.

So for those who like variety to catch their prize fish, Belize is a top flat fishing mecca offering a number of experienced operators and guides with abundant local knowledge. No matter whether you are a veteran or a novice, Belize’s saltwater fishing features exceptional angling prospects.  So pack your fishing gear or use our fishing gear but come to Belize.  In Belize, you’ll experience the difference between “just fishing” and “catching.”

Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Belize’s Barrier Reef, an Ultimate Diver’s Mecca

Belize Barrier Reef-Placencia
Belize’s amazing Barrier Reef is any avid diver’ or snorkeler’s aquatic playground that provides the ultimate experience. Divers from all over the world are discovering Belize’s exotic marine life and pristine waters and attest to the barrier reef being a colossal aquarium of exotic critters, graceful invertebrates, and colorful sea life. Spanning most of Belize’s coastline with 185 miles, this reef is the longest in the Western Hemisphere.

Belize has a remarkably high concentration of marine life. Schools of exotic fish, colorful coral gardens, grottos and walls lined with sponges appearing to have internal bioluminescence, caverns decorated with stalactites and ocean critters are ever present. More than 50 species of corals and 400 species of fish call these waters home including the horse-eye jack, barracuda, yellowtail snapper, pompano and goliath grouper often seen cruising the reef.

Belize Barrier Reef- Sea Turtle
With spectacular strings of unspoiled islands atop sparkling clear waters and three atolls, Belize is a mecca for divers and a water-borne Garden of Eden for water sports enthusiasts.

Hol Chan Marine Reserve, an offshore caye, is an excellent diving area easily accessed from San Pedro and Caye Caulker – two formerly sleepy fishing villages offshore and now popular tourist destinations and hub for divers. Inside the reef, coral rises to the surface in a long snaking ridge. Outside, the reef gently slopes down to some 40 feet, revealing many shallow water corals and a plethora of gorgonians. The sloping ledge is deeply cut with cracks and crevices winding to the reef’s outer edge where a great wall drops to the depths of the sea.

At Turneffe Islands, Lighthouse Reef and Glover’s Reef, the atolls provide scenic underwater topography and offer excellent variety of diving options. 

Belize Barrier Reef- Conch on Sea-floor
A truly fascinating phenomenon at Lighthouse Reef is the iconic Blue Hole. A titanic cave, once dry as demonstrated by the presence of stalactites, has been submerged since the end of the last Ice Age. A portion of its ceiling collapsed at some point in time, creating a blue hole more than 400 feet deep and nearly 1,000 feet across. At 100 feet, the wall gives way to a deep undercut. At a depth of 130 feet, the softly lit cavern’s 25 feet and upside-down monoliths hang from the ceiling. The sight of stalactites, silhouetted against the blue glow of the filtered light coming from beyond the ledge, is no ordinary experience. Some are so large that five divers side by side would not be enough to encompass them.

For all these reasons, Belize is the ultimate archipelago of natural and unspoiled beauty like a shining gem in the sun and mecca for divers from all over the world. But don’t take our word for it, be on the inside of Belize’s underwater paradise!

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

School is Out – Belize Summer Travels Offers a Journey through Time

Island Life
School is out and Belize’s Summer Travel is hotter than ever. Anyone who has travelled can attest to the gazillion charms that Belize has to offer from reefs to ruins, birds to blue holes, Belize adventures awaits you.

Like no other journey you have ever encountered, Belize is truly a journey through time.  Mark my word, Belize is no ordinary place! Often, we hear the expression, “a picture is worth a thousand words.” On this journey, it will take a thousand pictures to say one word – Belize.

First-time visitors will want to enjoy discovering Belize’s array of natural land and sea wonders. Expect the unexpected and pack accordingly. Savvy travelers will enjoy their stay more. Pack your cameras, film, diving, snorkeling, and fishing equipment, sunscreens, repellents and appropriate clothing for sub-tropical climate – serious adventure awaits the curious and brave of heart in Belize.

Like a mighty sun perched high on a mesmerizing sunset, Belize shines brightly over the completion.  She is colorful, vibrant and very exciting.  One look will never satisfy your curiosity. She must be scrutinized and explored from every corner to really appreciate her beauty.

Her highest point towers some 4,000 feet above sea level, where she watches over the majestic Maya Mountains. As one foot huddles in the warm sand of the coastal beaches, the other rests gently on the proud barrier reef. Her arms stretch out and embrace more than 8,000 square miles of unharmed natural beauty. You have seen no paradise more lovely. She is picture-perfect.

In fact, this rare gem called Belize is an endless voyage through snapshots and feelings. It’s an intimate date with Mother Nature that promises an experience oozing with excitement, adventure and memories. She is close, yet so far – old, yet so new. In every way, she is a trip one never forgets.

Lobster in its Barrier Reef Home
Visitors from all over the world find it wonderful, magical and beautiful, in a very natural way. Belize is the last outpost. It’s on the edge of the world.  It’s where the old world of the Maya, Garifuna, Creole and Mestizo meets the new and emerges into the cultural melting pot it is today. Simply put, she is splendid.

If Belize is famous for anything, it would be diving along its outer cayes and ecotourism inland. Belize is home of the longest barrier reef in the Western Hemisphere. Diving is unquestionably outstanding. The cayes along the reef are picturesque – white sandy beaches and coconut palms. No footprints allowed here, except yours of course. So pack your bags, camera and film, Belize welcomes you!

Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Making Earth Day a Reality in Placencia!

Southern Environmental Association (SEA) and Splash Dive Center observed Earth Day, under the theme, Mobilize the Earth: Living Green, at Laughing Bird Caye National Park on April 29, 2012.  More than 120 students from the community schools in Placencia and the surrounding area, friends of Splash volunteers and event organizers visited the World Heritage site for their seventh annual Earth Day Clean Up.

After the warm welcome and brief orientation on house rules, the elated volunteers got busy with their yearly tradition of garbage collection on the picturesque island. Students, teachers, organizers and friends of Splash Dive Center meticulously combed the 1.4 mile long island for garbage while taking in all the sun and sand on the coconut dotted caye.

After garbage collection, earth day observers gathered under the large palapa for cool refreshments, fruits, and a delicious plate of Rice & Beans made available through the kind sponsorship of the local businesses and community. Fellow student peers delivered vibrant presentations on the fascinating history of Laughing Bird Caye, the ecological importance and the social and economic impact this has on the sustainability of Belize’s tourism.

An active day of environmental awareness would not be complete without a delightful swim in the clear waters of the island. Students enjoyed the last segment of day splashing and playing in the magnificent sea.

SEA and Splash Dive Center thanks all those in the community who generously supported the Earth Day Clean Up initiative in making it another year’s successful event.

Efforts like these provides a good opportunity to educate the future of this community on the ecological and economic importance of maintaining and protecting Belize’s natural heritage while actively experiencing the charm of the natural jewel.

Splash Dive Center and SEA continues to encourage the community to consider the expansion of this sort of first-hand experience of healthy reefs clean up campaigns to other needed areas. Essentially, Splash Dive Center supports the belief that Earth Day may be observed every day in both small and large ways.

“Living Green,” has never been more important but Earth Day provides an opportunity to take a moment and appreciate its growing importance in sustainability.

Monday, 28 May 2012

More Sun and Fun under the Sun, Lobster Festival 2012

Placencia Lobster Festival, in late June, is one of the most awaited annual events that ushers in the lobster season and the summer with a Belize kaleidoscope of vibrant arts and culture display in Placencia. A variety of finger licking lobster dishes is the special of the day. 

You can also enjoy any of the following at the beach Festival:

  • Fishing Tournament
  • Bicycle Race
  • Arts and Crafts Display
  • Live Music
  • Water Activities

Lobster Fest 2012
Lobster Dish
There is no escaping here the irresistible smell of abundant BBQ shell lobster being grilled to perfection in every corner of the sidewalk!

The quaint and narrow walk way in the heart of Placencia Village becomes electrified with colorful paintings, accessories, wood carvings and other items on sale, buzzing with strollers, vendors, musicians and villagers. 

There is no stress at this festival; the only stress is deciding which lobster dish to savor, this event is indeed the perfect chance to savor Belize cuisine. Placencia’s lobster festival is the perfect fun filled day at the beach for families, friends, couples and visitors to soak in the sun and the best of cultural highlights by the warm and bubbly community of the South.

Excitement for the weekend’s activities builds as fishing enthusiasts gear up for the event’s fishing tournament.  The stakes are high and the competition is switched on.  Sport fishing’s most prized catches are the trophies: bone fish, tarpons and permits. Fly fishing mavens challenge each other for the coveted grand slam. The question is always: who will take this year’s prize?

The young and the young at heart relish in bicycle races, tug-o-war, dance and eating competitions all day long. School is out and summer is in. The Harbor is teaming with jolly activities and determined fishing pundits, families are basking on the beach, the young are flaunting their talents, local arts, crafts and music is inspiring and exciting the imagination.  The thrills and excitement at Placencia’s Lobster festival is inexhaustible and certain to please even the most insatiable appetites. There are only three rules at this festival: Enjoy, enjoy and enjoy some more! Mark your calendar on June 22-24.

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