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Maya’s ‘Time of No Time’: A Call for a New World Age or a New World Fake?

On March 20 2012, the sun will be directly above the earth’s equator making the length of day almost equal to that of night. This occurrence is referred to as the March Equinox.  For many of us, day and night usually evoke certain feelings and affects our behaviors and activities.  For example, most people sleep at night time.  So by extension, it is possible that other astrological conditions perhaps have an unrecognized effect on our moods, or even on our evolutionary processes as human beings?
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These are indeed interesting questions to ponder on and the concept of ‘Time of No Time,’ really challenges us to think about the realm of possibilities.  In Maya Prophecy, the Time of No Time began in 1992 and ends December 2012.  According to the Maya this 20 year (Katun), is a period of enlightenment that humanity prepares to enter a Golden Age of higher consciousness and harmony with all that surrounds us as planet earth, within our solar system, is about to complete a galactic day (26,625 years). Just as earth rotates on its axis around the sun in a 365 days cycle, the Mayas discovered that our solar system similarly rotates within its ellipse around the center of the grand galaxy completing one cycle in 26, 625 years.  On this day, the earth aligns with the center of our solar system and with the center of the galaxy.  This must be an immensely important time that ushers in an equally important evolutionary process from the perspective of the infinite universe.

Maya Prophecy claims that the center of our Milky Way Galaxy beams a powerful source of light every 5,125 years allowing for greater synchrony and evolutionary processes among the stars and planetary systems contained within.  They believe, that this beam of a powerful source causes our sun to respond with intense solar winds affecting earth’s magnetic fields triggering a series of changes that impacts humanity’s evolution on earth.
Consequently, the concept of Maya 2012, tells us that as our solar system prepares to complete this cycle around the galaxy, that a New Age or a new World Order is about to be unveiled. In this enlightenment, people will recognize their deep interconnectivity with all that exists in his environment forming a minute part of the massive cosmic universe.  The Maya claim that in this progressive state, the people will better appreciate the important role they must play in maintaining and preserving the delicate ecological balance of mother earth before continuing as the dominant specie.  The people will rid themselves of destructive behaviors: obsession with worldly possessions, destruction of the environment and of the human spirit. It is in this context that the Maya belief that the newly naturally selected stewards of earth will evolve to higher levels of consciousness where respect for all, peace and harmony prevail.  So in essence, the Maya’s ‘Time of No Time’ is a colossally important transitory period to usher in a new age of positivity among mankind.

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Either way, humanity is at important crossroads in its development especially noting critical changes in the climate, global economic landscape, technology, warfare, world views and paradigm shifts in power structures.  These global trends are timely and important reminders that the powerful messages from the Maya in relation to 2012 are worth listening to.

Regardless of what we choose to believe from the Maya, science is now affirming astounding discoveries shared thousands of years ago by this astronomically astute civilization that far exceeds any other.  Belize is very proud to be home to this mystical and advanced civilization that is now causing heightened global attention.  Most recently, the tiny Caribbean jewel hosted Prince Henry of Wales for a personalized tour of one of Belize’s foremost archeological sites.

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