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Getting To Belize: 1 – 2 -3 Heavenly Belize from the US or Canada

Belize is amazing!  Rapidly changing topography allows travellers to experience estuaries, rivers, jungle, mountains, coral reefs, expansive underground caves, glorious waterfalls and an incredible collection of flora and fauna.  Some come in the high season (November to May) to escape winter.  Some choose the quiet days of summer for their Belizean adventure. Both times of the year have their own unique attractions or things to do and the choice of when to visit is totally up to you, your budget and the adventure you seek.

Belize Map

Getting Here:  International flights to Belize go through Charlotte, Dallas, Houston, Miami, Los Angeles and from main airports in Canada to the international airport near Belize City.  Local flights or boats will take you the mountains, beaches, cayes or atolls.  

Entry Requirements: With the exception of cruise ship passengers, all visitors to Belize must present a valid passport before entering the country. Passports must be valid up until time of departure. If a visitor remains in the country for over 30 days, an extension of entry must be requested. Extensions are available for an additional fee of $25 US.  US citizens and Canadians do not need VISAS for entry into Belize.

Helpful Visitor Information

Getting Around (Travel in Belize)
If you are short on time or would like to forego the scenic highways, flying is safe, fast and efficient in Belize. The least costly mode of transport is the buses.  Buses run mostly regular schedules, are clean but can get pretty crowded very quickly.  Taxis are more expensive but are readily available and can be recognized by their green license plates.  Although there are no meters on the taxis, the drivers do charge somewhat standard fares, but it is very important to understand what your fare will be, prior to hiring a taxi.

What to Wear & Pack
if you are visiting the Cayes, bring your shorts, T-shirts, and bathing suits, as well as some comfortable tennis or deck shoes. Of course sunscreen and hats are essential to your journey in Belize. Loose fitting, light colored cotton pants and camping shirts, along with a comfortable pair of hiking shoes or boots are appropriate for exploring the Mainland, trekking through the rain forest or climbing the Maya Ruins. 

Activities and Attractions in Belize include but are not limited to: 

Visit the amazing Belize Zoo or just lie on the beaches.   Belize's barrier reef has been named one of the Seven Underwater Wonders of the World. Water visibility commonly reaches 100+ feet; water temperature hovers around 80 degrees Fahrenheit; and the barrier reef makes for calm water most of the year.

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