Tuesday, 17 January 2012

You Better Belize it! Paradise Is Here

Just 22 miles off the coast of Placencia, in the Central part of Belize’s Barrier Reef, lay three tiny picturesque islands – Silk Cayes with white sand beach, swaying coconut trees and crystal clear emerald seas.  These Silk Cayes, also known as Queen Cayes, are the perfect postcard images that lure thousands of visitors each year for stunning snorkeling and sunning.

Silk Cayes, along with the Gladden Spit, was declared as a Marine Reserve in May 2000. Since 2003, this reserve has been established as a no take zone, a conch restoration zone, a whale shark and reef – fish spawning conservation zone and a general use zone.

Whalesharks, in the nearby Gladden Spit coming to feed on the spawning eggs between March and June, are seen in the large numbers. The reserve undoubtedly contains some of the healthiest parts of the reef due to its relative elevation and superior water quality. This reserve falls under the auspices of the Government’s Fisheries Department but managed by a community based organization – Southern Environmental Association (SEA).

With all these regulations and smart reef management practices, it is easy to see why the zone continues to enjoy abundant diversity of reef fish species. So whether you come to this postcard island to soak all the fun in the sun, B-B-Q on the beach, explore the marvel under the great reef,  watch the stunning whale sharks, or explore Belize’s vibrant culture, you will  experience a unique Paradise – Belizean style!

For a totally enhanced experience, Splash Dive Center offers guests upon request at this Island Snorkeling tour an exhilarating performance by Garifuna Dancers with heart-pounding drum rhythm while enjoying their exquisite BBQ. 

Exploring Mother Nature’s Best Kept Secret in the Maya World…Belize Stands Ready in 2012

Mundo Maya is the place to visit in 2012 with all the ongoing global excitement of the beginning of a new cycle in the Maya calendar.  Belize, as the heartland of the mysterious ancient Maya, is poised to welcome world travelers for a memorable and mystical moment to experience firsthand the mesmerizing splendor of this truly fascinating civilization.

In commemoration of this part of Belize’s vibrant history and culture, an exciting calendar of events has been developed.  One such initiative and a first of its kind is the Maya 2012 Passport to be stamped at each of Belize’s main archaeological sites including Caracol, Lamanai, Xunantunich, Barton Creek Cave, Altun Ha, Lubaantun, Nim Li Punit, Cerro Maya, El Pillar and many others. The passports are available at a cost of $25 USD and include background information and maps of all relevant sites.

Belize boosts a high concentration of significant archeological sites with as much as 10% of its population of Maya decent where old traditions are still alive. The only English speaking country within the Mundo Maya, Belize offers visitors an extensive experience of Maya culture and a taste of the ancient past.

Towering Maya temples surrounded by lush rainforest and abundant wildlife; pristine caves with vivid remnants of the ceremonial and astonishing Maya; guided tours by culturally knowledgeable locals; intriguing Maya homestead programs of the south are just a few vibrant reminders of why the tiny country of Belize is the key destination for Maya 2012 travels. In addition to its rich and diverse culture, Belize proudly boosts a magnificent reef and cave system, picturesque islands, a host of accommodations suitable for a wide range of budgets – all incentives that lures the adventurous, inquisitive, and demanding traveler.  For inspiration, enlightenment, or just simply rejuvenation, paradise off the beaten path welcomes visitors for a truly unique Maya 2012 experience.

Splash Dive Center joins other partners in the celebration of Belize’s cultural highlight of Maya heritage and offers its client base a number of Splash Maya Tours that include packages to archeological sites spanning from Toledo to Cayo.  For list of available tours please click on Splash Maya 2012 logo.