Saturday, 1 September 2012

Pack Your Shorts, Sun Shades and a Camera for the Warm Winter!

Warm coats and heaters are never an option in Belize.  In fact, all you need in this sub-tropical paradise is a pair of shorts, t-shirts, a pair of sandals, sun shades, sun block and a cold beer.  Belize is the place where coconut palms and white sand beaches were born: where mother nature smiles happily after seeing her glorious creation of exquisite oceans, barrier reefs, atolls and rich rainforest. Belize is the place where the great Maya Civilization built their magnificent pyramids and where the Clovis Culture roamed more than 12,000 years ago according to archeologists.

Not far from the equator, the Caribbean jewel enjoys summer year round. As the t-shirt reads, “No Shirt – no problem; no shoes - no problem,” is quite fitting.  Belize is the place where the human spirit reaches new dimensions. This is the place where the concept of love and romance were invented. With only 320 000 souls wandering this 8 800 square miles of tropical wonders, everyone can find their personal piece of paradise.  A multitude of colorful birds call Belize their home and schools of whale sharks travel half way around the world to feed here.  Noah’s Ark must have landed in Belize after the great flood explaining the great diversity in wildlife. Here, flowering flora pushes new frontiers in botanical evolution. A splash of Central American, a splash of the Caribbean, and a sprinkle of neither, the flavors of Belize is elusive and yet lures cultures from every corner of the world to call their home.

Warm winters are a promise in sub-tropical Belize. Flat fishing, dipping into a jungle waterfall pool, snorkeling or diving, BBQ on a private island, exploring mysterious temples and caves, zip-lining across dense rainforest canopies or just   Sipping a glass of wine on a secluded beach are best during Belizean winters. Choose your adventure.  There are enough adventures to fill an entire month’s itinerary.  No need to quiver in the cold of the north or stay indoors when you can be having fun in the sun of the south. Belize welcomes you.

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