Sunday, 30 October 2011

Belize Peace Corp Volunteers.

Natalie Macias, Shaz Davison, Warren Garbutt (Instructor) & Michelle Thompson.
Splash had the privilege of working with three wonderful Peace Corp Volunteers, who wanted to get their open water certification. We want to congratulate Natalie Macias, Shaz Davison & Michelle Thompson.

Learning to assemble the diving gear BCD, Dive tank, and regulator and checkin the BCD

Shaz having a great time being underwater.

Again congrats guys on doing this... we are ever so happy you choose Splash Dive Center. 
We hope to see you all very soon, and we look forward to our next Earth Day event, with you and maybe other volunteers joining in to lend a helping hand.

Sunday, 16 October 2011

Splash Dive Center grounds has its own little flora & fauna.

The term "flora" comes from Latin language Flora, the goddess of plants, flowers, and fertility in Roman mythology. The corresponding term for animal life is fauna.

Photo by: James Cleeve Westby - Yellow Bell
Everyday I sit back and enjoy the beauty of our garden that surround our center. We have so many different types of plants and flowers. My favourite are the hibiscus plants at least that what I think we call them... there are so many colors, We have a yellow bell, a pink bell and of course the red bell, which the cinnamon humming birds seem to like very much. I love that they zoom in and out from my window next to my desk. Hovering over the flower drinking it sweet nectar.

Photo was taken by: James Cleeve Westby - Cinnamon Humming Bird

Then there is the somewhat red, with highlight of orange and yellow, a family to the birds of paradise plant. So beautiful. It blends in with the sunset every evening. I can see little lizard in and out of the tall stems, especially the geckos. They are so cute playing and running about, and catching flies with the long tongue. Its amazing what you will see if you stand there long enough and watch with patient eyes.

Photo by: James Cleeve Westby

And every now and then you will see and iguana pop out from no where, and take a sun bath on our dock. As if this say this is my spot so get over it. (laughing to my self). 

Its so nice to the see the life that all around the garden at our center, and as it grow I am sure we will see a hole lot more. The relaxing ambiance is soothing. the four palapas are great for sitting down and just let time roll by. Taking it all in, its our very own little flora & fauna.

Photo by: James Cleeve Westby

Photo by: James Cleeve Westby

Photo by: James Cleeve Westby
Photo by: James Cleeve Westby

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Spotlight on Dianni's Guesthouse in Placencia

Dianni's Guesthouse Placencia Village
Every now and then we like to put a spot light on folks we work with in Placencia, and today that Business is no other than Dianni’s Guesthouse.
Dianni’s Guest House is located on the southern shores of the Placencia Peninsula, which offers visitors to Placencia quiet, comfortable, affordable accommodations with spacious verandas overlooking lush gardens.
Inside the guest house you will find everything you need for your overnight visit, long weekend, or extended stay.
Dianni’s is located within minutes’ walk to local restaurants, stores and other amenities. Our guest house is the perfect place to stay for any visitors looking for affordable, quiet, safe and relaxing environment while in Placencia.

Sunday, 2 October 2011

Patience, Team Work and Determination.

There is a lot that Splash Dive Center does in and around Placencia Village but to name one that is close to Patty’s heart and to Splash Dive Instructor Team is the Juniors Club. Patty founded the Splash Kids Club, which helps kids from the local community to get certified as PADI Junior Open Water divers. “Not only does this help the kids enjoy the rewards of scuba diving, but it gets them started on a potential career as a local guide or PADI Instructor, and more importantly educates them about the importance of long term environmental conservation and even better as the classes are free.” says Patty.

So with that said Splash Dive Center is very proud to congratulate and announce its first Dive Master Graduates, Norman & Edwin Leslie. They are the first graduates of the Junior Club and are now Certified Dive Master.  Their Patience, along with team work of the instructors and their determination they did it.  The Instructors (Mark Castillo, Sean Faux, and Warren Garbutt) were very pleased with the outcome of they’re performance.

Norman, (Proud Momma) Jodie, and Edwin Leslie
Norman and Edwin started off in 2005, when they were just in Standard 5, attending St. John’s Memorial Primary School; doing the PADI Junior Open Water. After graduating in 2006 the boy moved to Florida, Miami Dade County, where they started High School. Returning home for summer vacation in 2007, they continued with their Advance Open Water Certification, and in 2009 they finished off with their Emergency Frist Response & their Rescue Diver Certification… Both boys did not want to stop there they had to top that by taking it to the next level, in diving and becoming a Dive Master, getting certified this year in August. If you look at the time frame and wonder why the years gaps in between certification, the boys used this times to practice their skills, and make up their dives, before advancing on to the next stage. This is good practice.

Mrs. Jodie Leslie, is proud momma of both boys, and was with them every step of the way, lending her helping hand. She could not be more proud of the boys. When I asked her for a message for the boys or what she thinks of them for becoming dive masters she said… “I am very proud of my boys and thankful to Patty for giving them this unique opportunity for keeping them in tuned with what they like doing and that’s being on the sea. The boys took a spark to diving and realizing that diving and snorkeling is a part of the living environment in Placencia. I am so proud of them for taking it to the next level. I have always encouraged my boys to do their best at what they do and I can see them as future guides and dive instruction in Placencia or anywhere in the world.”

Norman & Edwin Leslie
Splash encourages all young teenagers to join the Juniors Club. They can choose to do the classes during the school year on Saturdays or during the summer on their free time. Teenager must come in with a parent and sit down with Patty to discuss class & time frame and parent must give their consent allowing their child to take the classes. For more information on the Juniors Club give us a call at 523-3080 or 523-3058, or e-mail Patty at

Splash would also like to thank the sponsors for making the Juniors Club a success, without your financial support we would not be able to give these kids a chance.

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