Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Making Earth Day a Reality in Placencia!

Southern Environmental Association (SEA) and Splash Dive Center observed Earth Day, under the theme, Mobilize the Earth: Living Green, at Laughing Bird Caye National Park on April 29, 2012.  More than 120 students from the community schools in Placencia and the surrounding area, friends of Splash volunteers and event organizers visited the World Heritage site for their seventh annual Earth Day Clean Up.

After the warm welcome and brief orientation on house rules, the elated volunteers got busy with their yearly tradition of garbage collection on the picturesque island. Students, teachers, organizers and friends of Splash Dive Center meticulously combed the 1.4 mile long island for garbage while taking in all the sun and sand on the coconut dotted caye.

After garbage collection, earth day observers gathered under the large palapa for cool refreshments, fruits, and a delicious plate of Rice & Beans made available through the kind sponsorship of the local businesses and community. Fellow student peers delivered vibrant presentations on the fascinating history of Laughing Bird Caye, the ecological importance and the social and economic impact this has on the sustainability of Belize’s tourism.

An active day of environmental awareness would not be complete without a delightful swim in the clear waters of the island. Students enjoyed the last segment of day splashing and playing in the magnificent sea.

SEA and Splash Dive Center thanks all those in the community who generously supported the Earth Day Clean Up initiative in making it another year’s successful event.

Efforts like these provides a good opportunity to educate the future of this community on the ecological and economic importance of maintaining and protecting Belize’s natural heritage while actively experiencing the charm of the natural jewel.

Splash Dive Center and SEA continues to encourage the community to consider the expansion of this sort of first-hand experience of healthy reefs clean up campaigns to other needed areas. Essentially, Splash Dive Center supports the belief that Earth Day may be observed every day in both small and large ways.

“Living Green,” has never been more important but Earth Day provides an opportunity to take a moment and appreciate its growing importance in sustainability.

Monday, 28 May 2012

More Sun and Fun under the Sun, Lobster Festival 2012

Placencia Lobster Festival, in late June, is one of the most awaited annual events that ushers in the lobster season and the summer with a Belize kaleidoscope of vibrant arts and culture display in Placencia. A variety of finger licking lobster dishes is the special of the day. 

You can also enjoy any of the following at the beach Festival:

  • Fishing Tournament
  • Bicycle Race
  • Arts and Crafts Display
  • Live Music
  • Water Activities

Lobster Fest 2012
Lobster Dish
There is no escaping here the irresistible smell of abundant BBQ shell lobster being grilled to perfection in every corner of the sidewalk!

The quaint and narrow walk way in the heart of Placencia Village becomes electrified with colorful paintings, accessories, wood carvings and other items on sale, buzzing with strollers, vendors, musicians and villagers. 

There is no stress at this festival; the only stress is deciding which lobster dish to savor, this event is indeed the perfect chance to savor Belize cuisine. Placencia’s lobster festival is the perfect fun filled day at the beach for families, friends, couples and visitors to soak in the sun and the best of cultural highlights by the warm and bubbly community of the South.

Excitement for the weekend’s activities builds as fishing enthusiasts gear up for the event’s fishing tournament.  The stakes are high and the competition is switched on.  Sport fishing’s most prized catches are the trophies: bone fish, tarpons and permits. Fly fishing mavens challenge each other for the coveted grand slam. The question is always: who will take this year’s prize?

The young and the young at heart relish in bicycle races, tug-o-war, dance and eating competitions all day long. School is out and summer is in. The Harbor is teaming with jolly activities and determined fishing pundits, families are basking on the beach, the young are flaunting their talents, local arts, crafts and music is inspiring and exciting the imagination.  The thrills and excitement at Placencia’s Lobster festival is inexhaustible and certain to please even the most insatiable appetites. There are only three rules at this festival: Enjoy, enjoy and enjoy some more! Mark your calendar on June 22-24.

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