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Saturday, 5 October 2013

Belize: Safe, Fun and Budget Friendly

Have you ever wanted to travel to a tropical paradise but had so many questions about the destination you are heading to?

Let Splash Dive Center, take care of you! Splash Dive Center is located in beautiful southern Belize: Placencia.

Placencia is known to be the most laid-back, tranquil environment in Belize, located just a short boat ride away from many of Belize’s well-known marine reserves such as: Gladden Spit and Silk Cayes, South Water Caye, Glovers Reef, Turneffe Atoll and Belize’s Barrier Reef.

Visit Splash Dive Center and meet with Patty, co-owner of Splash Dive Center, the most genuine and friendly person you can meet. Splash will become your home away from home.

Safety is Splash Dive Center’s #1 goal, a PADI resort facility, encompassing the most experienced and qualified staff in the region. Continue your diving education or learn to dive with a very professional Instructor. Sign up for some of the tours and package deals offered,  led by dive masters who are licensed tour guides who are both knowledgeable and make it fun.

A few of Splash Dive Center’s most famous ‘Big 6’ special dive packages include:

·       The GrandSlam

The ‘Big 6’ encompasses the very best of Belize’s underwater world, experience Belize!

Mix it up! Splash Dive Center also offers a range of inland tours, including but not limited to:

·      Monkey River Excursion
·      Cave Expeditions: ATM, Barton Creek

Concern about accommodation?
Accommodation in Placencia ranges from budget, mid-range, to high-end. A short list can be found below:
·      Budget
o   Sea Glass Inn - Placencia
·      Mid-range
o   Sea View Suites
o   Miramar Apartments
·      High-end
o   Laru Beya

We had the opportunity to dive with Splash Dive Center and can still remember the details of my vacation in Placencia, Belize. In simple words: it is more than a dive center: ‘it is home away from home’.

For more information on vacation packages visit

Start planning your stay by contacting Patty at

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Together in Conservation-Splash Dive Center 8th Annual Environmental Day

Splash Dive Center 8th Annual Environmental Day

The Belize Barrier Reef is known as the longest in both the Northern and Western Hemisphere. As described by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN):

“It provides a classic example of the evolutionary history of reefs, contains superlative natural phenomena and areas of exceptional natural beauty and aesthetic importance, and is one of the most pristine reef ecosystems in the Western hemisphere.”

Diving in the reef: it is no doubt that the beauty is an entirely new world filled with extraordinary habitats.

Charles Darwin in 1842 referred to this beauty as “the most remarkable reef in the West Indies”.  It is not surprising then that there is never a dull moment on the diving tours offered by Splash Dive Center in Placencia Peninsula, Belize.

The locals in Belize have stood their stance and continue to play a great part in the conservation of the reef today. It is for this reason that we can continue to offer the natural wild life beauty found in our Belizean Caribbean Sea. Splash Dive Center also contributes in the conservation of the reef by organizing its annual Environmental Day. This year Splash Dive Center will be hosting its 8th Annual Beach Cleanup and Lionfish Hunt, where we are expecting over a 100 school kids to participate.

  • Event: 8th Annual Environmental Day
  • Venue: Laughing Bird Caye National Park, Placencia
  • Date: July 13, 2013
  • Register/volunteer: contact Patty at

Thanks to the strong support of both locals and visitors we can continue to give all our divers a natural untouched scuba diving experience in the Belize Barrier Reef. Through our beach cleanup and Lionfish hunt we aim at not only cleaning the environment, but also at teaching the community and children the impact of reef trash and the threat of the Lionfish to our reef. The kids will also have the opportunity to learn more on Belize’s marine life during a special presentation done by the senior members of the Splash Kids Club. In addition, they will have a moment to enjoy time at the National Park, a World Heritage Site

The beauty of natural wildlife is evident. As you head out on many of our snorkeling and diving tours you may spot the graceful and intelligent Bottlenose Dolphins. Belize is certainly an unspoiled beauty! Help us to keep our Caribbean Sea intact.

Contact Patty to book your tour at or visit us at to learn more about our diving tours. 

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

7 Going on 8: Wonders of the World “The Great Blue Hole”

Vote for the Great Blue Hole as the 8th Wonder of the World

History has it that the seven wonders of the ancient world were chosen by the Greek historian, Herodotus some 2000 years ago and consisted of man’s greatest creation. In 1997 CNN listed their seven natural wonders of the world, which included aquatic, geological, and astrophysical sites. Then followed the seven wonders of the modern world that was announced in 2007 including manmade structures around the world. Recently, it was announced by that an eight wonder would be added to the seven wonders of the modern world. On the list of nominees for the eight wonder of the modern world is no other thanBelize’s Great Blue Hole, a diving mecca.

The Great Blue Hole is located only 65 nautical miles northeast of Placencia and easily accessible by boat. According to the Biography Channel, Jacques Cousteau, the most famous undersea explorer of the 20th Century, visited Belize’s Great Blue Hole aboard the Calypso. He was determined to explore the bottomless pit of the Blue Hole, and the magic of the undersea world! According to Jacques Cousteau the Great Blue Hole is one of the top-ten scuba diving sites in the world.  We think it is number one!

The Great Blue Hole is extraordinary and truly a natural creation. This natural creation is said to have formed after the collapse of an underground cavern and cave system. It is a large strikingly circular sinkhole 1000 feet in diameter and over 400 feet deep. Diving the Great Blue Hole is anything but ordinary. The beauty is stunning as huge stalactites can be found at depths starting around 100 feet hanging from the ceiling of caves.

So why is it that Belize’s Great Blue Hole is not the 8th Wonder of the World?

The Blue Hole is not only the most amazing natural creation; it is also part of Belize’s Great Barrier Reef System, the largest Barrier Reef of the Western Hemisphere. In order to protect this natural beauty and to preserve the experience given to each diver that attempts to explore the Great Blue Hole, it has been named a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

So be a part of naming Belize’s Great Blue Hole the 8th Wonder of the World and visit to vote every day!

Interested in diving the Great Blue Hole? Contact Patty at   to learn more.

Thursday, 30 May 2013

Belize A Tropical Rainforest-

Top 5 Jungle Expeditions

Planning my trip to Belize took a bit of research. Many of my close friends and family didn’t know much about Belize and questioned my vacation plans to visit a small unknown country. However, Belize was exactly what I needed. Belize is certainly a natural beauty with its untouched tropical rainforest. As with many developed countries roads and skyscrapers have taken the beauty of nature away from us, the natural habitat of many animals and plants has been destroyed. Belize is distinct! It is known that 75% of Belize is covered in tropical forest, the colors, and shapes of many species of animals and birds that are found in Belize’s rainforest are extraordinary.

Top 5 Jungle Expeditions

Belize is like no other. My adventurous side got the best of me as I learned about the top 5 jungle expeditions that I had to experience. I highly recommend that if you are planning your vacation to Belize you must take the tour of at least one of these jungle expeditions.

First, Belize is known for its archeology and ancient history of the Mayas. Throughout Belize they are many different Maya expeditions that are worth experiencing. Indulge yourself in culture and history walking the paths of the Mayas amongst the many ancient Maya ceremonial temples.   

Second, Belize is proud to house one the first and largest jaguar preserve in the world, The Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary and Jaguar Preserve. While visiting this unique sanctuary be on the look out for jaguars.

Third, caving in Belize is more than limestone formations. Belize is known to have the most extensive cave systems in the world. Experience the underworld of the Mayas and witness the authentic Maya artifacts that remain in the caves today. The most advanced cave, which was featured in National Geography ‘Top 10 Sacred Caves’, is Actun Tunichil Muknal (Cave of the Stone Sepulchre).  Actun Tunichil Muknal involves hiking, wading, and underwater swimming.

Fourth, walking amongst Belize’s tropical rainforest you are bound to hear the prominent and distinct sound of the howler monkeys. Visit the Community Baboon Sanctuary or take a boat ride up Monkey River, and get a chance of a lifetime to view the black howler monkeys enjoying their natural habitat.

Fifth, Belize has many natural jungle trails found across the country that are safe to explore alone or with a licensed tour guide.       Take a walk through a medicinal trail and learn about the many plants and herbs that are often used by locals for healing. Hiking, horseback riding, mounting biking, and canoeing down a river are only a few of the many ways to enjoy the diverse flora and fauna in Belize’s tropical rainforest.

If you would like to learn more about Belize’s tropical rainforest contact Patricia Ramirez at

Saturday, 18 May 2013

Top Reasons to Visit Belize

Need a reason to visit Belize? How about 5?

My husband, Ben and I vacationed in Belize for a week and if you ask me to give you one good reason to visit Belize, I honestly cannot! I simply cannot state one good reason, as there are many. Belize may be a small country but it is unique and exotic! I may not be able to give you ONE reason to visit Belize but I have narrowed them down to FIVE! They are just some things worth experiencing before leaving Belize.

1.      Quick and Easy Travels                          

Getting to Belize is no mystery and no hassle! Belize is only a two hours flight from the United States. My husband and I flew out of Miami and we were surprised of the short distance. Approximately two hours after takeoff and we had landed on earth’s paradise.

Although Belize is in Central America, surrounded by Spanish speaking countries, it is actually an English speaking country. Without the language barrier it was easy to communicate with the locals and learn a lot more about Belize.

American dollars are accepted everywhere in Belize and the exchange rate is  $1.00 USD to $2.00 BZD; it is a convenient and stable currency exchange rate that allows for a profitable return.

Did I mention that Belize is a small country filled with great adventures? In addition to it being small it is easy to explore, as most of the destinations are only a short drive or flight away from each other. Imagine exploring wildlife and marine life all in one day!

2.      Marine Life   

Belize may have been known as “mother nature’s best kept secret” but with such great wonders such as having the longest Barrier Reef in the Western Hemisphere, it can no longer be called a secret. The Barrier Reef of Belize is home to a vast array of marine life. Over 60 different types of corals, soft and hard, can be found on the reefs near Placencia, Belize.

When in Belize be sure to visit the Great Blue Hole. The Blue Hole is a natural wonder and a must for all divers and snorkelers. Ben and I had the most amazing time flying over the Great Blue Hole. The view up on top was as stunning as diving amidst the multitude of sea creatures and corals. 

Similar to the Caribbean islands, Belize has its fair share of island life. Relax on the beach and take in the beauty of the Caribbean Sea.

3.      Jungle Adventure

Belize’s natural jungle is full of ultimate adventures from kayaking, zip lining, caving, cave tubing, rappelling, and birding, to name a few. Ben and I got an adrenaline rush as we soared through the treetops in the jungle. After zip lining we got a chance to take it easy by cave tubing in the dark mysterious cave, where we saw and learned a lot about limestone formations.

Belize is also known to house the world’s only Jaguar preserve, the Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary & Jaguar Preserve.  The Belize’s Jungle unspoiled nature is definitely worth exploring.

4.      Culture

Cultural diversity in Belize is  amazing. It certainly took me by surprise when I learned that they are  eight ethnic groups living harmoniously in Belize: Mayas, Creole, Garifuna, Mestizo, East Indian, Asians, Caucasians, and Mennonites. This cultural diversity not only makes Belize unique, but also, rich in culture. The food, dance, and traditions continue to be appreciated and practiced throughout the year in Belize.

5.  History & Archaeology

Belize’s history is evident in each district with the presence of ancient Mayan temples and tombs. The Mayan civilization was one of great mystery. The Mayan built great structures using nothing more than  stone and wooden tools in the Classic period. To be able to view and even climb these ancient temples today  is a momentous experience.

Our vacation to Belize was more than a single adventure. It was many adventures and life experiences packed in one week of pure delight. If anyone should ask for one good reason to visit Belize, I can only answer with 5 good reasons!

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“Discover how to be”

Wednesday, 6 March 2013

How to Spot A Whale Shark (Part I)

Spring is near and while many are looking forward to the blooming of flowers; in the Caribbean, we sea lovers are looking forward to the arrival of the gentle giants of the sea. When we hear about sharks our first thoughts may be “danger-man’s predator”, but there is no need to fear. The whale sharks are not voracious creatures, on the contrary they are known as passive, easy-going, sea-dwellers.

Whalesharks are one of the most magnificent and mysterious creatures of the sea. It is not unusual to spot a 40-foot whale shark.  These humongous creatures are known to grow up to 60 feet in length and to live for 100 years. Little is known of the great whale shark but what we do know is fascinating. It may be a scary thought to scuba dive or snorkel alongside the largest fish of the sea, but it is certainly an experience never to be forgotten and one that certainly needs to be on your bucket list as a diver.

The whale sharks are considered migratory creatures and are capable of travelling thousands of kilometers. Preferring warm waters, the Belize Barrier Reef is fortunate to host the whale sharks once a year. Just 30 miles east of Placencia is a unique and captivating area called Gladden Spit and Silk Caye Marine Reserve (GSSMR) where there are spawning aggregations of several species of snapper every year at the time of full moon in March, April, May and June.

The local Fishermen of Placencia were the first to notice the amazing whale sharks feeding at the Gladden Spit. Whale sharks may be found in other tropical areas but the Gladden Spit and Silk Caye Marine Reserve is one of the very few areas of the world where you can reasonably predict their appearance and dive with them. Marine biologist, Dr. Will Heyman of the Natural Conservancy describes Gladden Spit and Silk Caye Marine Reserve as “a place so magical, so wonderful, and intact.”

The Southern Environmental Association (SEA) in Placencia has undertaken the necessary steps to preserve Gladden Spit as a natural habitat. SEA is responsible for the development of the Whale Shark Working Group, Whale Shark Tourism Interaction Guideline, and implementation of licensed Whale Shark Guides and Boat Captains.

Patricia Ramirez, co-owner of Splash Dive Center, is an active member of the Whale Shark Working Group. Patty, as many of her friends call her, not only offers the incredible whale shark tour to the Gladden Spit and Silk Caye Marine Reserve but also offers a PADI Whale Shark Specialty Course. The PADI Whale Shark Specialty Course will enhance your Whale shark scuba diving and snorkeling experience.

The chance to experience the natural wonders of the sea alongside the most magnificent creature and a variety of fascinating schools of fish is now!

Stay tuned to find out more about my first whale shark experience and the exhilarating chance in spotting a whale shark in the Gladden Spit and Silk Caye Marine Reserve. 

Thursday, 4 October 2012

My Fist Dives in the Indigo Blue Waters of the Caribbean….

My boyfriend Tony, at the time, has always been a diving enthusiast and had tried to convince me to take a few dive courses so I can join him in his underwater adventures. Just the thought of going in the ocean filled with sharks and other unknown scary marine creatures, while carrying on your back heavy tanks, was not particularly exciting to me at first. Now, our yearly vacation trip to a new destination was coming up and we were doing a little online research to see where we would go next.  A friend of ours had just visited Belize, a tiny country in Central America facing the Caribbean Sea.  He kept raving about his amazing experience in Belize and all the great dives it offered.  So Tony and I looked it up.  Impressed by what we read, we decided to give it a shot.  Being afraid of water, I was interested in all the charms that a beach destination has to offer but diving. However, Tony was persistent that I took some diving lessons.

Before I knew it, I was already going on a sixty five feet boat to Glover’s Reef in Belize for my first diving course. I felt nervous and tried to focus on all the skills learned and practiced in the pool at the resort.  I was thankful that my instructor at Splash Dive Center in Placencia was very knowledge and patient during my training and practice exercises.  Now at Glover’s Atoll, I kept reminding myself to keep calm, control my breathing, hold nose and blow and so forth. Once there, the views were comforting too. Looking at the nearby great coral ridges, with some rising dramatically and plunging into the ocean into the clear water made me mysteriously excited of what lies beyond this intense surface. 

As nervous as I was inside the sea hearing my own heavy breathing, I was taken aback by what I saw. Words alone can describe what utter excitement it was to be for a moment in a different and strange world.  An ecosphere so close yet so foreign and mysterious strives beneath.  Although terrified, I was in awe of the fish swimming around me.  I saw an intimidating barracuda and schools of yellow tail snappers.  A green moray eel, with a head larger than mine, was looking on curiously from underneath two overlapping rocks. Every coral head held its own surprise. I saw Baby angelfishes, damselfish and tiny arrow crabs and even small worms like the “Christmas tree” and “Feather dusters” which retracted back into their hard shells whenever they sensed danger.  Even the sand held its own wonders. I saw a Green Razor fish hovered over the sand and dived into the sand whenever it felt threatened.  A number of rays, fishes, and eels crawled under the sand as if though playing a game of checkers for their own amusement.

To my surprise, I was also tuned into the sounds around and above.  I could hear the subtle crackling sound of the corals, the crash of the waves against the reef and the feel of the surge.
Belize Barrier Reef

My first experience was both exhilarating and additive. I had forgotten about Tony who was far lost in the gigantic aquarium of Belize’smarine biodiversity.  Unsuspectingly, I discovered a new sport and I was eager to do more dives.

Next we did the open water dive at the Gladden Spit in hope to see the great giant of the Ocean. I was equally astounded here.  Unfortunately, after an hours dive, I did not see a single whale shark until the second dive. Just as we were getting ready to leave, in the distant blue of the sea, a silhouette of a large fish was making itself more visible revealing all the white spots on its body as it swam towards me.  This was indeed a moment.  Diving just 25 feet under water on a late afternoon of a second full moon, had reached its climax with this large breath-taking but curious sea giant coming right up to me. It swam around me for a brief second just to see who I was and swam out of sight into the depths of the ocean.  Although this magical experience lasted less than ten seconds and I ended up swallowing plankton and seawater, it was all worth seeing. I would do it all over again upon an eye’s blink.

Whale Shark
Since these dives, I am a converted diver and a certified dive  master too. If I was told that on the first dive, I would have called it their bluff!  Now Tony and I can enjoy exceptional honeymoons in each dive destination we visit. We have been married now for fifteen years and our love is still going strong and enjoying many similar hobbies and interests like diving! 

If you are interested in learning how to dive you can contact Patricia Ramirez at or visit for more information. She will make your diving experience memorable!