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Monday, 12 March 2012

Belize Whales Shark Season is near at Gladden Spit Marine Reserve

Diving and snorkeling enthusiasts anxiously await the whale shark 2013 season at Gladden Spit Marine Reserve from March to June. During these months the gentle giants of the ocean migrate to this corners of the world about an hour boat ride from Placencia, to feed on the spawn especially from mutton, cubera and dog snapper.

Whale Shark
These snappers thrive in the open waters of the marine reserve and are  relatively abundant in Belize where Mother Nature has been generous in her distribution of a vibrant reef system and ecological diversity.  Unlike its Caribbean counterparts whose diminishing fisheries are constrained by commercial exploitation, marine life still flourishes in Belize’s pristine marine reserves. 

Belize Barrier Reef
The spawn from the snapper takes place near the time of the full moon  are an irresistibly rich source of food for the whale sharks. April and May are the best months for sighting whale sharks at Gladden Spit.  The best days for spotting and interacting with the giant yet friendly whale shark are shortly after the full moons. Although neither chasing nor touching is allowed for safety and regulatory purposes, diving or snorkeling with them is an experience to be relished for a lifetime.

A combination of unique dive packages is available with arrangements that include the world famous Blue Hole, atolls, barrier reef marine reserve, and island beach and tropical jungle escapes. The diving experience is remarkable and attracting a growing number to this Caribbean jewel known as Belize.

So for all you diving enthusiasts, treat yourself to the experience of a lifetime in the underwater world of Belize with a break or two to explore the tropical world known as Nature’s Best Kept Secret.  Call  Splash Dive Center at 501 523 3080 or e-mail