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Sunday, 29 December 2013

Splash Dive Center: Expanding with our Second Location

We are expanding our reach just for you. Stop by and visit us at our downtown Placencia office. Splash Dive Center downtown office is conveniently located at Placencia’s most famous restaurant: Wendy’s Creole Restaurant & Bar.  Wendy’s Creole Restaurant & Bar is certainly a local treat and a must “try” for all!

Wendy’s Creole Restaurant specializes in local authentic Creole and Spanish cuisine. Come in and try a Belizean Breakfast Fry Jack, or stop in for lunch and try one of their authentic cow foot soup served with white rice. A true Belizean experience! After a satisfying breakfast, lunch or dinner stop in and visit our trained personnel and find out about our daily tours, and our many scuba diving packages.

A few of our scuba diving packages include the BIG 6:
·        The Grand Slam
·        Barrier Reef Package
·       Glovers & Barrier Reef Diving Package
·       Blue Hole & Barrier Reef Diving Package
·       Whale Shark Scuba Diving Packages
·       Blue Hole & Whale Shark Diving Package

    Come dive with us! Our friendly professional staff awaits you at Splash Dive Center, Placencia, Belize. Contact Patty at and find out more about our second location!